‘Pump Rules’ Wedding! Everything We Know About Jax and Brittany’s Nuptials

Raise your glasses high — Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are getting hitched! The Vanderpump Rules stars are currently planning their dream wedding.

Jax, 39, proposed to Brittany, 30, with a 3-carat diamond ring at an outdoor restaurant in Malibu in June 2018. The SUR bartender opened up exclusively to Us Weekly about the proposal after it aired on season 7 of the Bravo series.

“The location is just a place that we went to a few times and we really like it. It’s a place that my father, when he visited here, he really, really loved,” Jax told Us. “This place is called Neptune Net, which is a very cool, like fish shack place. … You can see the sun setting, the dolphins are out and surfers, so it’s kind of just fun to have some crabs and dinner there, so I thought I would do it there just because it meant so much to me and my father and us. It had a lot of meaning all around.”

The duo, who started dating in 2015, also spoke to Us about overcoming challenges in their relationship, including Jax being unfaithful.

“It is hard, trust me, and there are still days, sometimes, when you can’t help but think of horrible things from the past,” Brittany explained. “But for the most part, we’ve moved mountains in this relationship. I feel like we’re almost starting over, but we’ve grown so much. He does things before I even ask him now. Even just helping around the house. I can just tell in our everyday lives that he’s changed.”

Scroll through to find out everything we know about the nuptials — and keep checking for more information as the date approaches!

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