Prince Philip Issues a Rare Statement to Celebrate the “Selfless Dedication” at His Patronage

As he is now retired, Prince Philip rarely makes official statements, but the queen’s husband has done just that to celebrate the hard work being done at one of his patronages.

Philip’s statement was shared on the royal family’s official Twitter account. In the letter written to the Chartered College of Teaching, Prince Philip paid tribute to teachers and staff who have continued to work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prince Philip wrote, “I commend all teachers and school staff for your professional and resolute commitment throughout the past year to teaching our children and young people in the most challenging conditions.”

He continued, “As Patron of the Chartered College of Teaching, I wish to thank you all for your selfless dedication and send you my best wishes for a well-deserved break over Christmas and the New Year.”

Sharing the letter on Twitter, the caption explained, “The Duke of Edinburgh, Patron of the Chartered College of Teaching, has sent the following message of thanks to teachers and school staff, at the start of the Christmas holidays.”

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