Prince Andrew flew on Jeffrey Epsteins Lolita Express at least four times

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial began last week and it’s just as lurid as everyone expected. Some of Maxwell’s human trafficking victims have testified and there have been many details about Maxwell’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. There were a few mentions of Prince Andrew in the first week of testimony too, because all three (Epstein, Maxwell and Andrew) were friends and part of the criminal conspiracy to traffic and abuse girls and women. Some are arguing that Maxwell’s defense seems to be leaning into the actions of Epstein and others as the primary abusers, hoping that Maxwell’s crimes fade into the background. I don’t know, it’s HER trial. She’s the sole defendant. Meanwhile, the British media is trying to dig a little bit further into Andrew’s connections to both:

Prince Andrew flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express jet at least four times, including a trip to the financier’s private sex island in the Caribbean, flight logs reportedly reveal. Records are said to show the Duke’s first flight was to Little St James – also known as “paedo island” – which was owned by Epstein at the time.

The findings have cast further doubt over Prince Andrew’s personal judgement and his relationship with Epstein, who took his own life in a New York prison in 2019. The Duke has admitted visiting Little St James but insists he never saw anything untoward.

It comes as a jury in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial heard claims the Duke had been on a flight with one of Epstein’s alleged sex slaves. Maxwell’s youngest accuser was quizzed about the plane ride as she was cross examined by defence lawyers during the trial in New York. The victim – who is testifying anonymously as Jane – was asked if she had been on a flight with Andrew, to which she responded “yes”.

There are no allegations of improper behaviour by Andrew as part of this case. It is the second time in as many days that the Duke of York has been dragged into the sex abuse trial of his old friend Ghislaine.

Flight records seen by the Mail on Sunday suggest Andrew’s first flight on Epstein’s plane was to his private Caribbean island in the US Virgin islands on February 9, 1999. According to the paper, Epstein, Maxwell, and one of the Duke’s personal protection officers were on board.

[From The Sun]

Virginia Giuffre and others have indicated or claimed outright that Andrew flew on the Lolita Express many times (more than four) and that he was a frequent visitor to Epstein’s island. And just FYI, to the British and American media: stop referring to Epstein’s victims as “sex slaves.” They are victims of human trafficking, survivors of abuse and rape. Anyway, I wonder if Ghislaine’s lawyers and the prosecution will use Andrew’s name a lot more. I also wonder if Ghislaine is mostly waiting to see if she’s found guilty before she tries to make a deal and turns over evidence implicating other people.

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