Pole Dancing Strippers Encourage Folks to Vote with Wild PSA


That’s the message a group of pole dancers is sending with this sexy and humorous PSA urging citizens to vote in this election.

The spot is super cheeky, for sure, but otherwise the strippers keep things PG-13 as they bust out their best pole moves while dropping some knowledge about why it’s important to vote … and not just for President.

The women point out, District Attorneys are responsible for prosecuting “dirty cops” — and they run down lots of other county level offices, and public schooling issues all hanging in the balance when you vote.

Yeah, we know sex sells … but these strippers are hoping it can also sell you on casting a ballot. Why else would one gyrate in a thong with “vote” written on one’s butt cheeks?? Besides tips, that is.

As one interested polester puts it, hit the polls to make sure the people who will run your community have your best interests at heart.

Now get out there and make it rain!!! We mean ballots, of course.

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