Piers Morgan’s wife wasnt worried about his pub meeting with Meghan Markle ‘Very foolish!

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Piers Morgan has made his opinions about Meghan Markle very clear over the past few years. However, his wife has now revealed she almost met the royal before she married Prince Harry.

Celia Walden explained how their paths almost collided when she was editing for The Daily Telegraph.

Although, she admitted her nose for a story failed her when Piers invited her on a pub trip to Kensington.

He was heading to meet an actress from Suits at The Scarsdale pub.

However, Celia declined as she was convinced her husband was no “ladies’ man”.

She joked: “That really would be a bit much on top of everything else.”

Celia added to The Telegraph magazine: “Why would I want to go and meet this actress Piers has been tweeting, I thought.

“So I said no, which was really very foolish of me.”

Piers has spoken a great deal about his meeting with Meghan.

Their friendship began when he followed several of the actors from Suits on Twitter.

Meghan followed him back and the pair are thought to have begun chatting.

In 2016, Piers tweeted about meeting Meghan at the Kensington pub.

He penned: “Great to finally meet you too @meghanmarkle.

“Just wished we’d jigged in @ScarsdaleW8. Missed opportunity.”

Speaking about their meeting in the Daily Mail, Piers wrote: “Meghan and I chatted for 90 minutes.

“Long enough for me to get a good insight into the new Royal girlfriend.”

He continued: “Next night, she was spotted in Soho House with Prince Harry.

“I’m not surprised he’s fallen for her, or that he’s so ferociously protecting their relationship.”

However, Piers claimed Meghan then “ghosted” him after their meeting and they haven’t spoken since.

Elsewhere, Celia recently joked about her interview in the magazine ending up in the recycling.

She shared a picture sent to her by a friend which showed the issue in the bin.

Alongside this, she penned: “What kind of friend sends you a picture of her recycling bins, with the caption: ‘That’s showbiz’? My kind.”

Several famous pals responded to the hilarious snap on social media.

Amanda Holden posted a laughing face emoji below the post.

While presenter Pip Tomsom replied: “Could be worse – they could have drawn a beard on your face, then binned it.”

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