NYC Health Department Closes Korean Restaurant After Customer Alleges Rat In Food


The Manhattan restaurant where a couple claims they found an entire rodent in their food delivery order has been forced to hit the pause button on serving meals … the Health Department has closed the joint.

Gammeeok, a Korean restaurant at the center of a recent lawsuit, got shut down Wednesday after an inspection …. according to Fabien Levy, a rep for NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

TMZ broke the story … a couple filed a lawsuit this week claiming they ordered food from Gammeeok over the weekend and discovered a dead rodent in their soup, an allegation the restaurant disputes.

Levy tells TMZ … “No New York City restaurant is authorized to have mice or rats on the menu and we are investigating further. Our top priority is protecting the health of New Yorkers and if a restaurant has conditions that threaten our city’s diners, they will be shut down.”

The restaurant already has signage up on the door showing they’ve been closed by the Health Department. The eatery also appears to have put up its own sign claiming they are shuttered because of “maintenance.”

Our sources say Health Department inspectors found rat droppings at the restaurant, and food was not being stored at the correct temperature. We’re also told the eatery did not have a trained supervisor on site.


The restaurant will have to jump through some hoops to open back up … we’re told Gammeeok will need to correct all the violations they got dinged for, plus pay any fines imposed by the city.

Our sources say Gammeeok was also operating without the proper permits, despite multiple warnings from the Health Department to renew their paperwork.

restaurant is Gammeeok, a Korean restaurant

In the lawsuit, the couple also claimed Gammeeok had gotten a C grade from the Health Department in January, the worst possible letter grade.

Rats are a big problem in the Big Apple … so much so, Mayor Adams wants to hire a “rat czar” to rid the city of rodents.

It sounds like a “rat czar” could be hired soon … we’re told there’s been a “tremendous response” to the job posting.

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