Mystikal Demands Gag Order in Rape Case After Pleading Not Guilty

Previously, the New Orleans hip-hop artist claimed that he’s the ‘true victim’ when he entered not guilty plea to charges accusing him of raping and choking a woman as well as drug possession at his Louisiana home in July last year.

AceShowbizMystikal is seemingly seeking a way to prevent people involved in his rape case to discuss it with the media. The New Orleans hip-hop artist has filed a motion in his ongoing rape case, requesting that a gag order be put in place in order to protect his privacy.

According to The Advocate, the rapper’s new lawyer Tiffany Myles Crosby filed a request for a gag order in Louisiana on Thursday, March 16. Crosby asked the order to be placed on his rape and false imprisonment case in Ascension Parish, a small parish outside Lousiana, citing an “inordinate amount of publicity.”

If approved, the gag order would bar attorneys for either side from commenting on the latest case to “any individual or entity,” including media outlets like radio, television or newspapers. The gag order would also apply to “all potential witnesses and law enforcement officials who either will or might testify at the trial of this case or who have information” about it.

Mystikal, whose real name is Michael Lawrence Tyler, is expected to appear in court Monday, March 20 before a Louisiana judge. The emcee hired Crosby after ditching defense attorneys Joel Pearce and Timothy Yazbeck, who represented him in a past rape case that was dismissed.

Mystikal is currently facing life in prison, after being indicted on a charge of first-degree rape stemming from an alleged incident at his home in July 2022. According to reports, the former No Limit Records rapper was formally charged with rape along with nine other criminal counts by a grand jury last September. If convicted, the rape charge comes with a mandatory life sentence under state law.

The list of other charges brought against Mystikal include false imprisonment, domestic abuse battery by strangulation, simple robbery, possession of heroin, possession of methamphetamine and illegal possession of Xanax. Mystikal has pleaded not guilty to all charges. The 52-year-old rapper remains behind bars at Ascension Parish Prison and is being held without bail.

A short time later, it was reported that Mystikal had been accused of forcing his alleged rape victim to pray with him before sexually assaulting her. It’s also reported that the rapper, who was allegedly high on drugs at the time, wanted to rid the woman of any “bad spirits” in her body before the alleged rape occurred.

The unidentified woman alleged the incident took place at his Prairieville home on July 30, 2022, after Mystikal accused her of stealing $100 from him. She claimed he became so irate that he physically attacked her, pulled the braids out of her hair, confiscated her keys and cell phone and prevented her from leaving his home.

The alleged victim also claimed Mystikal splashed rubbing alcohol on her before calling for a few “Hail Marys.” She eventually managed to escape and was treated at the Baton Rouge General Hospital for injuries.

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