My girlfriend & I went to Turkey to get matching hair transplants, trolls say we must be insecure but we're not bothered | The Sun

A COUPLE have gone viral after showing off their matching hair transplants on line.

The pair jetted off to Turkey for the procedure and documented it on TikTok.

Brendan Lund and Megan Reynolds, from Canada, decided to fly over for the weekend to get the procedure done.

his partner Megan got her eyebrows done while Brendan opted for a transplant on his hairline.

In one video Brendan wrote: "You can't just fly over to Turkey for the weekend and get hair transplants together," to which they replied "Why not?"

"Thank gosh I’m not that swollen anymore," he captioned the post as he showed off his new hairline.


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But viewers were stunned as to why as Brendan has a full head of hair and his girlfriends eyebrows already looked full.

One wrote: "You had hair…"

To which Brendan replied: "Haha yes, and people who get nose jobs have noses."

Another added: "But why? Just because? I'm curious lol it looks like you have great hair form this video!"

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Brendan explained he got a hair transplant on his hairline because he felt his hairline was 'uneven' and had always disliked it.

Megan confessed that she had got Microblading done back in 2017 and had done tattoo laser removal to get rid of it.

But the process had left her eyebrows thinning in certain spots and she wanted to get it fixed.

The video has since gone viral with over 500k views, and people were quick to share their opinions in the comments section.

One wrote: "Bit insecure ain’t it."

"You definitely didn't need a hair transplant," added another user.

But there were plenty of people who praised Brendan and his girlfriend for doing what made them happy.

One added: "100% do what makes you happy bestie!! Nobody else’s opinion matters and life is short."

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"Ya'll who cares why. We all have insecurities even if they don't show through to others. Congrats on your hair transplant dude," another exclaimed.

A third penned: "Good for you. Hope you enjoy your new luscious locks."

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