Morrissey Slams Hypocritical Tributes To Sinead O'Connor

Morrissey has slammed hypocritical tributes paid by celebrities and musicians to Sinead O’Connor, who died on Wednesday at the age of 56.

In a critical statement posted on his website, the English singer-songwriter wondered where the support was for O’Connor while she was alive.

Morrissey begins the note by stating that O’Connor was dropped by her label after selling 7 million albums for them. He slams “a certain music industry hatred for singers who don’t ‘fit in’ (this I know only too well), and they are never praised until death – when, finally, they can’t answer back”.

“The cruel playpen of fame gushes with praise for Sinead today … with the usual moronic labels of ‘icon’ and ‘legend,” Morrissey said. “You praise her now ONLY because it is too late. You hadn’t the guts to support her when she was alive and she was looking for you. The press will label artists as pests because of what they withhold … and they would call Sinead sad, fat, shocking, insane … oh but not today.”

He also criticized record labels for degrading her “because she refused to be labelled.”

Morrissey also asks, “Who cared enough to save Judy Garland, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Monroe and Billie Holiday?”

“She had the courage to speak when everyone else stayed safely silent,” Morrissey said about the Irish singer and musician who was found dead at her flat in Herne Hill, south London, on Wednesday.

(Photo: Charlie Llewellin)

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