Mike Tindall shares all the dramatic details of delivering Zara’s baby on the bathroom floor

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Mike Tindall has shared the dramatic details of helping to deliver wife Zara’s baby on their bathroom floor.

Zara, who is the Queen’s granddaughter, gave birth to her third child in March – a boy called Lucas – who made an unexpectedly quick arrival at home.

Former England rugby player spoke to Good Morning Britain on Friday about his five-week-old son’s memorable entry to the world, but denied reports that he had delivered the baby himself.

Mike, 42, said: “No, that’s not true. Fortunately the midwife got there in time so I didn’t have to go down to the area… the downside… the wrong end, I got to stay at the top end and be supportive.

“Sorry the 'business end' would have been a far better way of describing it! It wasn't what we were expecting but Zara's best friend Dolly, who's a maternity nurse, was there and had the situation in control.”

Luckily for Zara, 39, Mike wasn’t left in charge for too long as the midwife made it to the birth in time, leaving her husband free to offer her emotional support rather than trying to deliver their son.

Mike said: "And then the midwife arrived which made me breathe a sigh of relief that I could just be chatting to Zara and trying to get her through it."

Lucas is thought to be the first member of the Royal Family to be born at home in around 60 years.

The couple already have two daughters, Mia and Lena, and just like Zara’s cousin Prince William and his wife Kate will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary this year.

On welcoming his first son, Mike said: “It’s nice to have a boy around to keep me company. The girls are outnumbering me by quite a number so it’s nice to have Lucas around.

"He’s been so far – touch wood – he’s been great in terms of his sleeping and eating and doing everything that a five-week-old does.”

Just a couple of weeks after Lucas’ birth, Zara and Mike had to attend the funeral of her grandfather, Prince Philip.

Mike said that he was “moved” to see the Queen sitting alone and added: “Even after the funeral it was sort of, ‘you all need to leave’, so you didn’t even get to have that supportive side afterwards.”

Talking about the moment that Olympic equestrian Zara had found the most poignant, he said: “For Zara it was seeing his carriage ponies and the gloves and the sugar cube box and all that lined up.”

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