Meghan Markle's 'Ellen' Appearance, I'm 'Mommy,' Harry is my 'Boo'

Meghan Markle got in on a tried-and-true skit that has become a staple on ‘Ellen,’ but this one did not land well on social media.

The Duchess of Sussex walked out onto the studio lot with an earpiece that allowed Ellen to give her prompts … like touching her nose and doing a squat. She went to a couple of vendors on the lot, one of whom was hawking hot sauce. She referred to herself as “mommy” and Harry as her “Boo.” She also jumped up and down on cue. Stuff like that.

Well, MM’s getting dragged … with one writer saying she never understood the difference between being a Royal and being a celebrity.  Others called it cheesy and insincere … trying to look like a woman of the people.  Not necessarily a fair criticism, but welcome to 2021.

Meghan also made her case for federal paid family leave … something she’s lobbied for by calling various U.S. senators.

As for the mommy comments, she told the vendor “Let mommy have a taste … My boo loves hot sauce.” Then, she pulled out a baby bottle and exclaimed, “Mommy needs some milk.”

Funny for some, cringeworthy for others. Again, 2021 folks.

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