Meet the Entire Cast of FBoy Island<\/em> Season 1

If you’re a true reality TV fan, you’ve probably binge watched all of the 90 Day Fiance series, Love Is Blind, The Bachelor and Love Island you can stand. It’s time for something new. It’s time…for FBoy Island.

Set in the Cayman Islands, three women are tasked with finding love while not getting played. 24 men are on the island with them. 12 are “nice guys” looking for a relationship just like them. And 12 are “F-Boys,” who just want to play with their hearts. For some reason, the show never says the real curse word, because even though the show is on HBOMax, a show about a bunch of sexy singles trapped on an island is supposed to be family-friendly?

Regardless, there’s still more to the show than just dating. There’s also a cash prize of $100,000. Whoever manages to make it to the end of the show has a chance to win the money, both the men and women. Which means hearts will be broken, games will be played, and maybe, just maybe, a couple will emerge out of all of this.

Naturally, you’re probably wondering: who would join such a wild show? Well, for anyone curious, we have the full cast—all 27 of them—below for your viewing pleasure. Scroll down and enjoy.

The Women

Nakia Renee, 28

Nakia is a hair and makeup stylist, and a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. She says she’s been burned by F-Boys in the past, and thinks she can call out a player when she sees one.

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CJ Franco, 30

CJ is a model, comedian and actress from Los Angeles. In the first episode, she says she’s a big prankster. Maybe she’ll pull some pranks on one of the F-Boys?

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Sarah Emig, 25

This social media manager from Chicago, Illinois is an adventurer. Per her Instagram, it looks like she loves to go boating, travel and all around have a good time. Hopefully she’ll find someone who matches her energy…and it’s not an F-Boy.

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The Men

Ryan “Rhino” Garland, 27

According to his Instagram, Ryan is an outdoorsman and an avid cat lover.

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Charley Santos, 30

Santos is a model and fitness trainer from Los Angeles. He loves all sorts of exercise including MMA, parkour, and yoga.

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Chris Gillis, 29

This real estate broker from New York City likes to travel, go to nightclubs, and play tennis.

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Collin Carter, 26

Collin is a barber and photographer from Toledo, Ohio. For fun, he likes to shop, hang with friends and, of course, take photos.

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Anthony Reed, 28

This Behavioral Health Technician from Charlotte, North Carolina is big on working out. He’s even got his own TikTok where he shows off his routines.

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Casey Johnson, 24

Casey is an IT engineer recruiter from Toledo, Ohio. He likes to read, golf and find new recipes to cook. Maybe he’ll cook a nice dinner for one of the girls on the show.

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Chaun Williams, 35

This image consultant from Las Vegas is also a Cirque Du Soleil performer. A fact like that will definitely get a woman’s attention.

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Divij Vaswani, 24

Divij does a lot in his free time, including selling houses, and working on his melatonin company.

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Andrew Dietz, 27

Andrew is a firefighter and an EMT from Savannah, Georgia. He loves being active, whether it’s hiking, working out, or hanging with friends.

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Cameron Brown, 29

A real-estate agent from Las Vegas, Cameron likes to read, work out, and talk to his mom whenever he can.

Garrett Morosky, 28

The Los Angeles “cryptocurrency guru” is an animal lover and likes to travel.

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Jamie Wood, 30

Jamie works at Ohio State Athletics, and per his Instagram, is a serious mental health advocate.

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Jared Motley, 27

Jared is a jack of all trades. He writes poetry, plays chess, skates, hikes, and more.

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Kevin Sun, 28

This event producer from Honolulu has been to 49 countries. And traveling isn’t his only hobby. He also makes music, sails, dances, and more.

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Fernando Titus, 27

This Los Angeles chiropractor loves cracking backs. But will he break hearts too?

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Greg Metelus, 25

Greg is a content creator from Los Angeles. He’s already got over 200,000 followers. Whether or not he’s a certified FBoy or Nice Guy, FBoy Island will definitely bring him some more.

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Israel Dimri, 34

Per his social media, Israel loves traveling, hanging with friends, and working on his alternative health company.

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Josh McDonald, 34

Josh is a brand marketer from Chicago and in his free time he hosts a podcast and makes music.

Garratt Powers, 35

When he’s not out firefighting, Garratt writes poetry, makes 3D art, and is a screenwriter.

Mark Moran, 29

This New York City investment banker is a big fan of dad jokes. Besides that, he likes to run, lift weights, and read historical biographies.

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Paul Keating, 27

Paul is a fridge mover? And also a surf and yoga instructor.

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Peter Park, 30

Peter is a model from Virginia who loves to travel, work out, and most importantly, take power naps. Sounds like he has his priorities straight.

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Matt Chamberlin, 22

Matt is an Army National Guardsman and a home renovation salesman. Sounds like a pretty nice guy. But is he really?

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Tariq Johnson, 22

Tariq is a nutritionist and kickboxing instructor. In his free time, he likes to take long drives, travel, and play his guitar.

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