Martin Roberts addresses Homes Under The Hammer future

Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander are on Celebrity Catchpoint

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Martin Roberts has been a part of BBC One’s property auction show Homes Under The Hammer since it launched in 2003. His former co-star Lucy Alexander, 53, quit the programme in 2016.

The 59-year-old currently fronts the property show alongside Martel Maxwell, Dion Dublin, Jacqui Joseph, and Tommy Walsh.

Martin admitted he “still loves his job” and will continue to work on the show for the foreseeable future.

He commented: “I still love my job. I still find something new to say about the properties that I visit. I’m still enthusiastic about the people I meet and telling their stories. I will carry on for as long as they want me.

“It’s 20 years in April, we started filming from 2003 and the first show went out on November 3, 2003.

“I’m very proud to have presented a show for over 20 years and it continues to be as popular as ever.”

He continued: “It’s changed slightly over the years.

“New people joined the show, Lucy left. But the show continues and I’m very much a part of it and proud of it’s continuation.”

Speaking about his friendship with his former co-star Lucy, he said: “Yes, we keep in touch.

“We go out for a lunch – it’s always nice to see her. We always have a laugh and we always do a little selfie together and it sends our social media bonkers.”

The small-screen star discussed a potential on-screen reunion in the future.

“We are always on the lookout for opportunities where we can work together again. Let’s see what happens,” he shared.

“I’m sure at some point we will back [working] together again.”

Martin and Lucy reunited as the former presenting duo took part in the game show Celebrity Catchpoint last year.

Elsewhere, the BBC favourite has opened up about a recent purchase after he saved a pub that was closed at the start of lockdown following the Covid pandemic.

Martin planned to reopen the pub for the community in Rhondda Valley, Wales, but didn’t initially tell his wife Kirsty Roberts.

The small-screen star revealed she was left “surprised” but his supportive wife of 13 years was also intrigued by the move.

“I’ve bought a pub. It’s a derelict rundown pub and I’m going to transform into a vital, social community, tourism place,” Martin explained.

“It’s at the top end of the Rhondda Valley. It’s the only pub in the village. The only thing in the village. It closed at the start of lockdown and I want to reopen it to give the community back it’s pub but also expand it.”

He added: “I want to put disabled accommodation in it, all sorts of things, to open up the area and create tourism in the area.”

Homes Under The Hammer airs weekdays on BBC One at 11.15am.

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