Married At First Sight: Only three couples are still together five months after filming

Only three couples from this year's Married At First sight are still together, five months after filming, according to reports.

The E4 show has been beleaguered with drama this year, after two couples were kicked out, and one person left in dramatic fashion.

According to MailOnline, only three couples from the series are still together, with three moving onto new relationships, while nine have split.

The publication did not identify which couples are still together, however, the strongest pairings from the series included Luke and Jay, Tasha and Paul, and Peggy and Georges.

A source told MailOnline: "Only three couples are still together after filming for the series ended in May.

"Considering they committed to each other for the rest of their lives, it's not great and what's more is a few of the show's stars have even moved on in new relationships.

"Some of the contestants that are still working on their marriages feel that other contributors didn't take the experiment as seriously as they could have, and fame definitely played a part in the decisions made."

There has been no shortage of drama on this year's series of MAFs, with former contestant Brad Skelly being kicked off the show following his "controlling and coercive" behaviour.

Producers at the programme became concerned by Brad's actions towards his wife, Shona Manderson, after some tense scenes. The move comes after scenes which appeared to show Brad telling Shona to "shut up."

Brad leaving the show meant that Shona's time on it also came to an end.

Just a few weeks later, it was revealed that Luke had been asked to leave MAFS after 'punching co-star Jordan Gayle', according to reports.

Luke, who is married to Jay on the show, is said to have 'shocked' the cast and crew of the popular Channel 4 show with his behaviour.

Currently Luke’s marriage is on the brink of collapse after he suggested that his wife Jay's easygoing nature might allow him to get away with cheating.

In an emotional episode set to air on Thursday night, both Jay and Luke were shown in tears as they grappled with the disintegration of their relationship, which was further strained by heated arguments among the cast.

Tensions at the fifth dinner party ultimately result in Luke being removed from the show as his clashes with co-star Jordan escalate.

On Wednesday night's episode, the cast was left in shock by the unexpected return of Ella Morgan to the series. Ella had initially left the process when her affair with JJ Slater was revealed, leading to her husband Nathanial Valentino quitting the show.

In a surprising turn of events, Ella and JJ were permitted to rejoin the dating experiment to explore their romantic connection, which didn't sit well with some of their fellow cast members.

Nathanial expressed his feelings about Ella and JJ's return on Instagram, accompanied by a photo of a snake, saying: "They definitely shouldn't have been allowed to return."

He also shared his sympathy for Bianca, as most of her experience had been cut short due to these developments. He mentioned "FAKE production stories" and alluded to certain off-camera behaviours that the audience was not privy to, especially in the aftermath of the last dinner party.

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