Louis Tomlinson Really Just Said a One Direction Reunion is "Inevitable"

Today is a big day for Harry Styles. Not only is the Met Gala co-chair going to impress everyone with his campiest look tonight, he’s also going to be in a One Direction reunion pretty darn soon, according to Louis Tomlinson. Yep, your prayers for the last three years have finally been answered, and Louis is giving all the reunion details you’ve been begging for.

Talking to ODE Entertainment, the “Two of Us” singer said that if it were up to him, they’d definitely get back together for another go at it, though he didn’t specify if this reunion would involve a tour. He said, “I do think it will happen…I think it’s inevitable.” Please, join me in clinging on to this tiny bit of hope that he just blessed us with.

Louis also said that if a reunion doesn’t happen, he’d be pretty upset. In his own words, he’d “certainly have something to say about it if it didn’t.” So, uh, let’s not make Louis and millions of 1D fans angry, mmkay? Looking at you, Zayn Malik.

Louis also didn’t say if his ex-BFF Zayn would actually come back to join the same group he’s been talking trash about, but there’s a chance that Harry, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan will. In January, Liam and Niall were also plotting an epic 1D return and even wanted to bring in Shawn Mendes, so it’s safe to say they’re already on board with it.

But don’t go getting too excited just yet because Louis doesn’t know when this will happen. He explained:

As long as tour tickets go on sale after payday, all’s good!

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