Looks awful! Naga Munchetty calls out Rishi Sunak on BBC over inappropriate fashion

Rishi Sunak: Naga Munchetty discusses the Chancellor's new look

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Naga Munchetty, 41, is not a fan of Rishi Sunak’s, 41, latest sartorial decision at Number 10. The BBC presenter spoke about his fashion choice on BBC Radio 5 Live, questioning if it was “appropriate”.

It looks awful!

Naga Munchetty

Naga dedicated a lot of time to discussing whether Rishi’s bold shoe choice was something others liked.

She said: “Rishi Sunak gave us a little glimpse of what he does when he prepares for the budget.

“We saw this picture of him in an office and let me describe it to you.

“He was fairly relaxed and he was in a casual grey jumper, navy tracksuit bottoms and a £95 pair of black slider sandals.

“With these black sliders he was wearing white socks.”

Not too sure about Rishi’s fashion choices she said that “it’s a look”, not one however she would be wearing anytime soon.

Speaking to journalist Madeline Spencer, the pair discussed Rishi’s outfit choice in depth.

When Naga asked Madeline what she thought she replied: “It’s an abomination, definitely a big no!”

Naga replied: “Thank goodness!

“It looks awful!”

Naga discussed celebrities that have worn this outfit such as Gigi Hadid, with Madeline believing they can pull it off unlike men.

The BBC presenter said: “Why can’t we say that it doesn’t look good?

“Why can’t we say it looks ridiculous?

“Also when were white sports socks okay when you are not doing sports?”

Madeline responded: “I think there is a time and a place for a sports sock.”

The pair then considered that Rishi knew he was going to be photographed but still wore the pairing.

When talking to weather presenter Simon King, Naga asked him if it was socks and sandals weather.

Adding: “Is it ever appropriate for socks and sandals weather?”

Simon said: “You should never wear socks and sandals regardless of the weather!”

Rishi posed for pictures yesterday wearing the £95 sliders while discussing the Budget.

The Chancellor attempted to burnish his style credentials by teaming them with socks in a traditional eve-of-Budget photograph.

Many took to Twitter to comment on the Chancellor’s strange outfit choice.

TrevorCoult_MC said: “Great picture of Rishi Sunak wearing socks and sliders, it just shows that he likes to be comfortable when working.”

Kinglmania added: “I still can’t believe Rishi Sunak is preparing for the budget in palm angels sliders.”

Aine_Lagan commented, referencing the Devil Wears Prada character: “Never realised the Rishi Sunak sliders debate would bring out my inner Miranda Priestly but here we are.”

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