Lennon Stella Sings How I Met Your Father Theme Song Hey Beautiful Listen Now!

Lennon Stella has released her new song “Hey Beautiful” in full!

The 22-year-old singer and actress’ new track is actually the theme song for the new Hulu series How I Met Your Father.

“THIS IS COOOOL. My full version of the theme song for ‘How I met your Father’ is out now!!! ‘Hey beautiful’ ❤️,” she shared on Instagram.

Co-creator of How I Met Your Mother and executive producer of HIMYF, Craig Thomas, also took to Twitter to share the new song.

“OK, I’ll admit it: @lennonstella does this song better than we ever did. Bravo! Check out the full-length ‘Hey Beautiful’ from How I Met Your Father (link below),” he wrote. “It’s a hit.”

The first two episodes of How I Met Your Father are currently out now on Hulu, with new episodes premiering on Tuesdays.

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