LaVar Arrington Calls RG3 Book On Alleged Sexual Abuse 'B***h Move'

Ex-NFL star LaVar Arrington says it was a “bitch move” for Robert Griffin III to write a book about the alleged sexual harassment he dealt with while the QB was at Washington … saying the Baylor star shouldn’t have waited years to disclose what went down.

43-year-old Arrington made the controversial comment on his “Two Pros And A Cup Of Joe” podcast, saying … “So, RGIII, with all due respect, it’s kind of a bitch move to say you’re going to do a tell-all now,” the former #2 overall pick said.

“Why didn’t you do your tell-all three or four years ago?”

If you’re not familiar with RG3’s allegations, we previously reported the QB announced he wrote a book called “Surviving Washington” … that’s releasing next year.

“I’m gonna detail the medical mismanagement that I received during my time in Washington,” Robert said on social media while asking fans to preorder the book.

“I’m gonna open your eyes to the sexual harassment that permeated the walls of that building and give you a deep dive into a power struggle between one of the most powerful coaches in all of sports and an owner who many of you want gone.”

But, Arrington — who played for WFT from 2000 to 2005 — believes the team’s past scandals have made it easy for Griffin III to put the team on blast.

“You were scared of backlash that you would receive saying what you believed your truth was in a time where you didn’t have all of the stuff that has come out with the cheerleaders, and the emails, and all this stuff that makes it safe for you to be a front-runner of justice.”

Arrington added, “I hate when dudes do bitch moves to be heroes and heroic about the things that they’re doing and you do it in the comfort of knowing people already know what’s going on.”

“Stand up and be a man! Do that ‘S’ before now.”

And, LaVar wasn’t alone … ’cause fellow former WTF player, CB Fred Smoot also went off on Robert.

“Sensitive thugs need a hug and RGIII is one of these sensitive thugs who needs a hug,” Smoot told the guys.

“Then he said, ‘I’m going to tell everybody how I got sexually harassed.’ The ugliest quarterback of all time?! Yes, I said it. He ain’t attractive.”

“Bobby failed at his career in the NFL, let’s be honest. Now he wants to bring attention to himself by any means necessary, and that’s why he wrote this book.”

Griffin III has yet to address the attacks … but it’s safe to assume there’s going to be some blowback on Arrington and Smoot for criticizing a person coming forward to speak about alleged sexual misconduct.

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