Lauren Conrad apologizes to KCav for 'most embarrassing' Laguna Beach moment, more news

“Cringey” memory

Regrets, they’ve had a few. Eighteen years after Lauren Conrad used a derogatory term against Kristin Cavallari, the Little Marker co-creator is apologizing and calling it the “most embarrassing” moment from her time on the MTV show. On Nov. 7, the two women chatted on the “Back To The Beach” podcast, and Lauren said she recently watched a “cringey” “Laguna Beach” episode from 2004 wherein she called KCav a “s***” for dancing on a bar in Mexico. “I couldn’t believe I did that. Because I think where I’m at now, like, I would never call another woman that,” she told Kristin, adding that she’s “so sorry.” “It was, for me, like, the most embarrassing moment. I was like, ‘Oh, gross.'” For her part, Kristin admitted she called LC some “dumb stuff” back then and felt terrible about it. “When I watch it now, I’m like, I wasn’t confident at all. I was actually so insecure,” the “Very Cavallari” alum explained to Lauren. “And I took it out on you in a lot of ways.” Interestingly, despite being portrayed as enemies, the two women said they never actually had “any beef,” Kristin said. Lauren agreed, noting, “I don’t think we were, like, best friends, but we were like, ‘It’s fine.'”

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House drama

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is vehemently denying that her $2.6 million Atlanta, Georgia, home sold at auction for just $257,000 after going into foreclosure. In fact, she told her “haters” that she’ll leave when she wants. The Sun obtained court records from Oct. 6 allegedly that the “Don’t Be Tardy” star and her husband, Kroy Biermann, “failed to pay back” a $300,000 loan. Citing A Notice of Sale Under Power, The Sun said the home “will be sold at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash before the courthouse door of Fulton County, Georgia,” and it added that the couple was losing the mansion “because of, among other possible events of default, failure to pay the indebtedness.” On her Instagram Story, Kim denied the reports. “Okay you guys, my house was not sold for $257,000. If you guys think I would let my home that we’ve put millions and millions of dollars into go for $257,000, you’re an idiot, okay? For real,” she said with an annoyed tone. The reality TV star defiantly added, “So what are you gonna do, haters, when I’m here for Christmas, and I’m here for my birthday in May, and I’m here for all these amazing dates? I’m here until I f****** wanna move out — until I decide I don’t wanna live here anymore. So enjoy the view haters, because you’re gonna be seeing it for quite some time.” Got it!

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Dead rumor

Sorry Swifties, but Taylor Swift will not have a cameo in the next installment of “Deadpool.” A theory about a Taylor appearance in “Deadpool 3” has persisted online for several weeks, and it all has to do with location. In late September, Ryan Reynolds teased “Deadpool 3” in an Instagram post, and fans noticed that he made the social media announcement in the same house Taylor used for her “All Too Well” short film. Seeing that Taylor is fiercely close with Ryan and his wife, Blake Lively, Swifties felt this was an “Easter egg,” which the singer is fond of planting. For the record, Ryan said he would “of course” welcome a Taylor appearance in the Marvel movie, but denied her involvement in the 2024 film. “Are you kidding me? I would do anything for that woman. She’s a genius,” Ryan added. As for the “All Too Well” house that sparked the online theories, Ryan joked, “If we shoot the next Deadpool film in our house, then that would be that location.”

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305 bound

Shakira has got moves. Literally. After reaching a custody agreement with ex Gerard Pique, the Colombian singer is reportedly moving with their sons to Miami. The “Hips Don’t Lie” singer and soccer stud split in June after 11 years together, and the breakup was acrimonious and centered on cheating accusations. However, after a 12-hour meeting to hammer out custody arrangements, it seems cooler heads have prevailed. A source close to the former couple told TMZ that Shakira and Gerard “signed an agreement that is best for the kids — which is their main focus and after 8 years of living in Barcelona — her and the kids will now move back to her longtime home of Miami, where all the maternal family is.”

Millions made, millions lost

With an estimated net worth around $400 million, Sylvester Stallone isn’t hurting financially. Still, he’s revealing that he actually passed on a $34 million paycheck to star in a fourth “Rambo” movie in the ’80s. “I turned down 34 [million],” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “We were doing ‘Rambo III.’ We thought it was going to be the biggest hit — this was before it came out. And I was paid a fortune for it. Then they go, ‘We want Rambo IV. Here it is: Pay or play, 34.’ I go, ‘Let’s not jump the gun here …’ And that’s in 1980 dollars.” THR estimated that $34 million dollars in the late ’80s is equivalent to $85 million in this day and age. “For real. That’s not a joke. Oh boy, what an idiot. Now I think about that and … wow.” Sly starred in five “Rambo” movies in total, but the fourth and fifth installments weren’t made until 2008 and 2019, respectively, which was long after the “Rambo” iron was hot.

Vogue lawsuit

Drake and 21 Savage are being sued for several millions for publishing fake Vogue magazines used to promote their new single, “Her Loss.” In late October the two rappers began distributing replica Vogue magazines featuring themselves on the cover. The magazines, although fake, look incredibly real, and Drake and 21’s teams sent out an email blast “celebrating Drake’s Vogue cover,” TMZ said. The teams also allegedly distributed actual copies of the fake mag on the streets. This, of course, all pushed forward the idea that the magazines were legit. After posting the “magazines” on Instagram, Drake gave a shoutout to infamous Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, giving the impression she signed off on the promo. (There was also a fake picture of Drake with Anna in the inside pages.) Conde Nast is finding nothing redeeming about the promotion and wants a judge to force the men to stop using the Vogue brand immediately. The publisher also want at least $4 million in damages.

Praise for Jen, from Jen

Jennifer Lopez has nothing but nice things to say about her husband’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. In the new Vogue (the real one, but the Drake replica,) J.Lo spoke candidly about her marriage to Ben Affleck, saying her feelings for him never ceased when they split in 2004. She also didn’t “discredit” the love that both she and Ben found in those 18 years apart. “All those things were real too,” she said, referring to her romances with Mark Anthony, Alex Rodriguez and Casper Smart, and Ben’s marriage to Jennifer. “All we’ve ever wanted was to kind of come to a place of peace in our lives where we really felt that type of love that you feel when you’re very young and wonder if you can have that again.” Jen went on to praise Jennifer Garner, who Ben shares three children with — Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10 — calling the “Alias” actress “an amazing co-parent” and adding that she and Ben “work really well together.” J.Lo came into her marriage to Ben with two children of her own, 14-year-old twins Max and Emme, whom she shares with Mark. “The transition is a process that needs to be handled with so much care,” she explained of blending households. “They have so many feelings. They’re teens. But it’s going really well so far. What I hope to cultivate with our family is that his kids have a new ally in me and my kids have a new ally in him, someone who really loves and cares about them but can have a different perspective and help me see things that I can’t see with my kids because I’m so emotionally tied up.”

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