Kym Marsh thinks she ‘lost the ability to have kids’ before Archie came along

Kym Marsh thinks she couldn't have children for a decade before she fell pregnant with her late son Archie.

The Coronation Street star, 42, tragically lost baby Archie within minutes of giving birth 18 weeks prematurely in 2009.

She is also mum to David, 24, Emilie, 22, but didn't have any more children until she fell pregnant with Archie with her ex husband Jamie Lomas.

Her youngest daughter Polly, eight, then arrived seven weeks early after Kym's cervix started to open at 17 weeks and doctors had to put a stitch in her womb to secure it for as long as possible.

Doctors told her the same thing must have happened with baby Archie, but it was sadly too late to save him.

She told The Sun : "They said that’s almost certainly what happened with Arch. So somewhere between Emilie and Archie, I lost the ability to have children.

"Polly knows she’s special, I say that to her all the time. She knows Archie was her big brother and that he’s one of the angels. She was a gift from him – that’s very much how we see it."

Kym announced that she'd become a grandmother for the first time after Emilie gave birth to a baby boy on Friday.

The soap starlet was Emilie's birthing partner and posted an adorable picture of the tot's tiny hand on Instagram yesterday.

She's not revealed his name yet but instead called him "Bazy Hoz".

Kym joined Emilie in the delivery room along with her daughter's partner, and the baby's father, Mike Hoszowskyj.

Emilie previously told OK! magazine that Kym was looking forward to becoming a nan.

She said: "Mum absolutely cannot wait. Bringing up a baby is hard enough, let alone for someone my age, so having my mum there to support me will be a godsend."

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