Khloe Kardashian admits her looks being compared to Kim and Kourtney was really hurtful

Khloe Kardashian has opened up about life in the public eye, sharing how she’s found it “really hurtful” being compared to her sisters.

In a new interview, the 37 year old recalled how she’s often received the harshest criticism in comparison to her sisters, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

When asked about the public criticism she’s received, Khloe said: “It definitely is tough.”

"None of us get it — my sisters will talk about it, like, 'Why are they so much more vicious towards you?'"

She added during her interview with Variety: "We don’t have an explanation for that. None of us really understand."

The mum-of-one admitted that comments comparing her with her siblings are the most hurtful, saying: "When I was younger, always being compared to my sisters in a way where I can’t be related to them because we look different. It was always emphasised that they were so much prettier.

"And that’s just really poor taste. Those things were definitely really hurtful, just to always be compared to them, especially in the fashion or beauty world comparing our bodies or faces."

The star added that she tries her best to block out the negativity – but its not always easy.

"The more it happens, the more you become numb to it, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely immune to it," she told the magazine. "Sometimes I’ll hear or see something and you just feel the weight of the world, and you tend to have a pretty bad day – but it’s a day; not a life."

Luckily, the reality star says having a supportive family around is a big help, adding: "Nobody really understands the pressure of what it feels like to be spoken about so negatively on a daily basis.

“It’s really easy for someone that’s not in that position to say, 'Oh, just get over it.’ I'm so grateful that I have my family because they get it and they’re my support system."

Khloe recently put on a stylish display as she wore a see-through purple dress out to dinner with friends.

The star was out for dinner with friends Malika and Khadijah Haqq when she slipped into a stunning violet see-through dress for the birthday celebration.

The 37 year old showed off her stunning look and toned physique in the sheer fabric, which was printed all over with a star design.

"Forever and always celebrating my girls!!!! @foreverkhadijah @malika," Khloe posted on her page, as she pouted in a sweet snap with her pals.

"Love you!! Always! Always!" Khadijah replied in the comments.

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