Kellee Kim Calls out 'Survivor' Producers for Ignoring Dan Spilo Complaints

‘Survivor’ will never be the same now that season 39 is over — at least that’s what Kellee Kim hopes her legacy will be in the wake of the Dan Spilo controversy.

It already made one huge change — for the first time, the show’s finale reunion Thursday night was NOT live, and the pre-taped program featured Jeff Probst going one-on-one with Kellee … who aired her grievances with Jeff, producers and CBS.

She told the host the most difficult part of the season for her was the fact Spilo remained on the show for several weeks AFTER she spoke out about his unwanted touching. She said she felt producers either didn’t believe her, or worst … just ignored her.

As you know, Spilo was eventually removed after a crew member also complained about him. Spilo wasn’t included in the finale taping.

Kellee said she didn’t want season 39 to be defined by Spilo’s actions, but instead she hoped her legacy would be that her speaking led to producers making lasting changes. The show’s already announced there will be new guidelines for personal space, and it will have more professionals on-site to allow for confidential reporting of any problems.

Completely overshadowed was the fact ‘Survivor’ did crown a new champion Wednesday night. Spoiler alert …

The jury selected Tommy Sheehan over Noura Salman and Dean Kowalski.

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