Katie Price’s son Harvey released from hospital after ‘Covid vaccine reaction’

Katie Price’s son Harvey has been released from hospital after suffering a ‘reaction’ to the coronavirus vaccine he had last week, the former model has revealed. 

Harvey, 18, began to feel unwell hours after having the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab on Friday and was taken to hospital. 

Updating fans on Instagram, Katie and Harvey appeared in a video together and thanked those concerned for their messages of support. 

When asked why he was taken to A&E, Harvey replied it was ‘because [he] wasn’t feeling right’ after his ‘blood injection’. 

Katie, 42, then explained: ‘Harvey’s obviously home and he’s safe and he’s on form today… So because of Harvey’s needs and Harvey’s complex medication he’s on, he had his Covid [vaccine] the Oxford one and he just had his vaccination and his reaction was a really really high temperature, 39.9 and obviously with Harvey, I have to really keep an eye and I couldn’t get his temperature down. 

‘So I phoned Great Ormond Street and they told me to go to the nearest A&E so that’s what we did. 

‘Did all your bloods, X-rays, ECGs, everything, everything was fine they just said it was a reaction from [the] Covid [vaccine] but today, he’s actually on form. 

‘The doctors and nurses were fantastic.’ 

The My Crazy Life star added: ‘I can’t wait to still have my Covid injection and I still recommend everyone else have it. 

‘Harvey is safe and well.’ 

Katie then revealed that Harvey had worked up an appetite once he got home and asked him: ‘What did you ask for at 4 o’clock this morning? Chicken Kiev and chips you wanted at 4 o’clock this morning.’ 

A source had earlier shared news of Harvey’s hospitalisation and told The Sun: ‘Katie’s in bits, Harvey only had the jab on Friday but now doctors who know Harvey well are telling her he’s had a bad reaction to it – it can’t be anything else. 

‘She’s very worried but is trying to remain calm. It’s dangerous as he hasn’t got cortisol in his body to fight like us.’

It is extremely rare for people to get a severe reaction from the coronavirus vaccine, which has been approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as both safe and effective. 

The most common side-effects of the vaccine are mild flu-like symptoms, a headache, tiredness or soreness at the site of the injection which should pass relatively quickly.

Harvey was born with a series of complex conditions, including Prader-Willi syndrome and septic-optic dysplasia, as well as autism and ADHD.

Katie and her eldest child invited cameras into their lives in the recent BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me, which followed their mission to find Harvey a full-time residential college.

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