Katie Price says she enjoys orgies in fields and having sex in public

Katie Price has lifted the lid on her sex life by answering questions you may think no one would want to ask her – let alone hear the answers.

The 41-year-old financially challenged former glamour model is rebranding herself as a YouTube celebrity and decided to field questions from her fans for a new video.

In the 10 minute long clip, mother-of-five Katie shares all manner of highly personal details as fans quizzed her about her sex life, and what she wants from a man.

And it seems the star is happy to explain that she enjoys orgies with friends, and will engage in sex in a room full of people as her insatiable sex drive takes her anywhere but the bedroom.

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“The strangest place that I’ve ever had sex… well, it’s not that it’s the strangest, I suppose it’s what I have done, in different situations,” she says as she addresses her camera.

“Once, I was in my cinema room and there was loads of us in there. And me and my partner at the time were under the cover just slowly having sex and knowing that everyone were all in the room, like, watching TV,” she continues as a greedy smile crosses her face.

As she continued to answer the question, she implied that she loves nothing more than stripping off with a group of friends and engaging in a bit of casual group sex.

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“Or it could be when I drove up to a place called the Devil’s Dyke near where I live, naked, all of us in the car. We all got out and had sex,” she boasts.

She also said she had sex in her stables – and also bragged about having outdoor sex in the Maldives – which is a country where women are flogged and arrested under Sharia Law for sex outside of marriage.

“In the Maldives, you have these tracks, and where you hide in the bushes and you watch people go past and have sex,” she says, matter of factly.

“I don’t know if they’re strange places, I suppose I’m just spontaneous,” she went on.

“Another time I took my four by four in the fields, just for the sake of it and just had sex on the bonnet,” she added.

She then rejected the idea she could just have sex in her own bedroom, saying: “Bed for me is for sleeping. Sex can be done anywhere.”

Katie’s candid confessions went down a storm with fans – with one writing in the comments of her YouTube video: “She's so ridiculous i love her haha!”

While another begged the TV star for more filthy confessions, writing: "Love that Kates on YouTube – keep em coming girl."

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