Kate Garraway: Husband’s heartbreaking comeback to ageing fears exposed

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Kate Garraway, 53, has been a much-beloved fixture on ‘Good Morning Britain’ and other ITV shows for more than two decades. In recent months, the nation and a number of celebrities have rallied behind the TV star during her husband Derek Draper’s battle with coronavirus. She has been married to the former Labour spin doctor for 15 years after being introduced by a friend. During her time on ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’, the 53-year-old praised his wife’s bravery and expressed his support in numerous other accounts. One notable moment saw him quell her heartbreaking concerns about getting older and discourage her from getting plastic surgery. 

Garraway expressed her concerns about ageing and how she looked in a candid extract from her 2017 biography ‘The Joy of Big Knickers’.

She recounted the “mid-life crisis” moments she suffered as she wrote the book, which were spurred on by her then-looming 50th birthday. 

Her fears arose when colleagues at Smooth Radio decked the studio in balloons and banners to celebrate the milestone, because she realised it was a “very big number”.

Garraway wrote: “It made me think, ‘But I am going to be 50 and it feels like… you should have achieved things or be content with things’. 

“I thought, ‘I’m still overstretched, overworked, feeling like I’m not being as good a mum as I should be or as good at work as I should be’. I needed to take stock.”

Not only that, she toyed with the idea of cosmetic surgery after she worried about her wrinkles and keeping a youthful glow. 

She wrote: “I pretty much wanted a facelift quite obsessively for ages. But everyone said it wouldn’t make any difference at all.”

A make-up artist on GMB told her to “think about everything else” – such as diet, fitness and life choices – as she had seen “all the bad work” people had undergone over the years.

Garraway was told: “We see all the weird nips and tucks where people have gone too far. 

“You need to look at all the other things first because they create the youthful energy that we’re all after, rather than being wrinkle-free.”

Still, she remained unconvinced and when she posed the idea to Draper, he bluntly shut down her negative self-talk with touching words. 

Garraway recalled: “My husband thought I was bonkers. He said, ‘Don’t do that!’ He thinks it’s ridiculous. He wouldn’t want me to do it.”

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Despite his attempts to discourage her from going under the knife, she admitted that she hadn’t ruled out a facelift in the “long-term” and quipped: “Never say never!”

She gave insight into their early relationship and said they “got on straight away” because she thought he was “and still is, very interesting”.

Garraway, who married Draper in her thirties, confessed that she would have longed to have more children had they met in younger years.

She joked: “I’d have probably ended up one of those people who appear in the newspaper with 25 kids. 

“But you make decisions at the time. You can’t go back and rerun. Do I wish I’d had a child with a person I dated in the sixth form? No.”

The star realised that turning 50 didn’t necessarily mean her life would be “downhill from here” but if it was, she added, it “always a bad thing” – as it would help her to reevaluate her life. 

Garraway added: “Take the time to take stock and work out what your priorities are, what things are holding you back, make peace with decisions you’ve made in the past, realise the way you are is because of choices you made, and take responsibility for and control of your life.”

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