Kanye West Is Selling Old Yeezy Hoodies From Balenciaga, Gap, & Adidas For $20?!

It looks like Kanye West is trying to offload a lot of his old merchandise… and maybe raise some money? While, intentionally or not, decreasing the value of the brands who’ve burned him??

The 45-year-old rapper recently lost partnerships with BalenciagaAdidas, and Gap after a string of disturbing antisemitic comments and other unsettling behavior. And now, it sounds like he’s trying to get rid of some old stuff from his Yeezy brand’s ill-fated collabs on the cheap.

In a new video, Ye announced plans to sell a bunch of old merch from these recently-severed partnerships. Speaking to paparazzi about his intentions while giving a tour of his Los Angeles music studio, the Gold Digger rapper showed off a series of employees working on garments on sewing machines.

He also mentioned his plans for the excess inventory:

“I cut up 100 hoodies from Yeezy, from Balenciaga, from and everything we do is going to cost $20.”

Whoa! Just $20 for a hoodie?!

Ye showed off some of the sweatshirt designs along the way. And he spoke up about equality, arguing how he wanted to uplift people in the process:

“We need to make sure everyone receives the same level of cuts, the same level of food, same level of water, same level of education.”

The Power rapper added:

“We’re engineering opportunities, we’re getting past the past, we’re focused on the future.”


Of course, in Ye’s previous partnerships with Balenciaga and Adidas, some of his products have been a LOT pricier. His white messenger bag used to sell for $1,290, a sweatshirt in that same line cost up to $1,150. So to go from that to a $20 sell-off is pretty surprising, to say the least.

After all of Ye’s recent behavior, though, will fans really flock to the merchandise? Twenty bucks for something like this is a steal in normal circumstances. But what Ye’s been doing lately isn’t exactly a “normal circumstance.” Just saying.

Sadly, something tells us some people still will rush to take part in Ye’s merch run, regardless. Maybe Yeezy will become the unofficial brand of the alt-right?

As we also reported this week, a new exposé published by Rolling Stone on Tuesday night claimed the Jesus Walks rapper showed porn clips to work associates in meetings amid his past fashion partnerships as part of a culture of dominance and bullying. There were even allegations he’d shared explicit images of then-wife Kim Kardashian with fashion biz colleagues and creatives working on Yeezy design projects.

Reactions to this new fire-sale reveal, Perezcious readers? Share ’em down in the comments (below)…

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