Instinct telling you Julia Bradbury admits rare symptom helped breast cancer diagnosis

Julia Bradbury provides tips for having a mastectomy

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Former Countryfile presenter Julia Bradbury has shared how one of the symptoms of her breast cancer was rare. In a candid social media post earlier today, she explained what her followers need to look out for.

Julia was first diagnosed with breast cancer back in September.

Since then, the BBC presenter has been candidly sharing her battle with the disease.

She’s been recovering from a mastectomy and has been trying to shed awareness of what people need to monitor.

Earlier today, Julia admitted it was a “rare” symptom that helped her detect her own cancer.

Speaking about her health, Julie wrote: “Breast pain is rare when it comes to #breastcancer diagnosis.

“My lump became painful to press.

“If you’re unsure or your instinct is telling you more…get it checked out & regularly self-examine your breasts; get to know how they look & feel.”

She was responding to an important message from Dr Liz O’Riordan who has shared some information about breast pain.

Liz had referenced Alexander Shulman’s experience with breast pain over her diagnosis.

She penned: “70% women get breast pain. It normally goes away by itself.

“Although it was the only symptom for ⁦@AShulman2⁩, this is v rare.”

Following Julia’s insight, she was given support by several of her 156,000 followers.

@MKerryWhite penned: “Hope you are well on the road to fitness oh goddess. Miss you.”

The presenter was also inundated with likes and retweets from those following her story.

Earlier this week, Julia also shared a moving update of her hugging her children.

The star admitted it had been a challenging time for her, but she was taking comfort in the support of her kids.

She penned: “So grateful for my children through this challenging time.”

Julia also shared some more context in an Instagram post.

She added: “My children have been my power source through all this (breast cancer diagnosis).

“I am truly grateful for their love & laughter that fills my heart with joy & gratitude, & helps me through every day.”

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