‘How serious this is’ Martin Roberts rushes to hospital as ‘worrying’ condition flares up

Martin Roberts discusses the rise in house prices

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Martin Roberts, 58, was left exasperated after his cellulitis “flared up again” and “spread to his other leg”. The Homes Under The Hammer host shared a painful-looking photo of his swollen foot as he attempted to purchase antibiotics, before being turned away by his local chemist.

Martin typed: “Bl**dy cellulitis has flared up again and it’s spread to my other leg too.

“The chemists wouldn’t give me the antibiotics I’d been prescribed, despite seeing my leg, due to a ‘system error’ and no recognition of how serious this is.

“Thank you so much @LloydsPharmacy so A&E for me,” he added sarcastically.

In response, fans weighed in on the matter as some said chemists can at times be “better” than doctors.

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