Heather Dubrow Called Most Unrelatable Person After Her $16M Dream House Brag

After bragging about ‘building her next dream house’ in Beverly Hills, the ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ star is also deemed ‘unlikeable’ and ‘out of touch’ with the world’s problems.

AceShowbizHeather Dubrow has been called the “most unrelatable person.” After bragging about her $16 million “dream house,” the star of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” was met with backlash from many social media users.

The 54-year-old found herself in hot water after she made an Instagram post about building her and her husband Dr. Terry Dubrow‘s mansion in Beverly Hills. Being perceived as flaunting her wealth amid financial problems going on around the world, she was criticized by Instagram users. In the comments section of her Tuesday, July 25 post, one in particular deemed her the “most unrelatable person on tv.”

Another politely reminded the reality TV star by writing, “I’m sorry but many are out here trying to survive with over priced housing and groceries, we really don’t need to see more rich people buying and renovating million dollar properties. So sad this is where we are in America.”

Meanwhile, a third bluntly spoke, “I’ve never seen anyone so out of touch with what is going on in the real world. WAKE UP, Heather. do you not realize we are destined for ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT & everything you buy/do will be monitored /restricted !! But, keep flying in your private planes while you can because these evil globalists will be stopping that, too! Your lifestyle is not going to stay like that.”

Noting that Heather is “unlikeable,” a fourth pointed out, “Do you realize our country is being destroyed and the economy is in the toilet. Many families are drowning in debt to keep heads above water. Food, gas and literally everything has skyrocketed in price. Really not interested in a boring showing of your house.”

In her Instagram post itself, Heather uploaded a close-up photo of herself with similar graphics of “Barbie” movie. Over the snap, a note read, “This Barbie is building her next dream house!!” Along with the picture, she wrote in the caption, “BREAKING NEWS ! Watch out Beverly Hills, The Dubrow dream house is officially underway!”

The Bravo celebrity continued, “Lots of house updates to come from Heather and ‘Just Terry’ [a slew of smiling face with tears of joy and woman dancing emojis]… We are so excited to redo this legendary home ( should take about 3 years …).” She additionally encouraged her fans to give their responses, “Use the comments to let me know if you want to watch the process and what specifically you’re interested in! #LIVEYOURDREAM.”

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