Golf Star Crushes Ball 236.2 MPH, Sets Record

Want to feel bad about your golf game? Here’s long drive star, Kyle Berkshire, setting a new record … by absolutely crushing a ball over 235 MPH!!!

The pro golfer — who’s become a legend for his ability to hit balls 450-plus yards — set up inside of a TrackMan simulator on Thursday … and went to town with his driver to try to land a new ball speed marker.

According to, Berkshire took around 70 swings … but with one of them, he was able to break the record for ball speed, hitting it a staggering 236.2 MPH.

In fact, according to the outlet, Berkshire accomplished the feat two more times in the sesh … and said afterward he actually could’ve gotten to 238!!!

Berkshire said he fueled up with caffeine and music … and said, “You’ve really got to put yourself in a place of fight or flight to push yourself past your maxes.”

The 26-year-old, who PGA Tour star Bryson DeChambeau has trained with, believes at some point he’ll completely dust his new record — aiming for 240 MPH by next year.

Yeah, and you thought your eagle at the local muni was impressive.

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