Goldie Hawn, 76, stuns with ageless appearance in lace trimmed suit

Goldie Hawn made an appearance at the Concordia Summit 2022 last night

Actress Goldie Hawn wore a chic all-black suit which turned plenty of heads as she arrived at the event.

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Goldie Hawn, 76, looked decades younger than her age when she appeared at the 2022 Concordia Annual Summit in the Big Apple last night.

The star’s blonde tresses swept just below her shoulders in gentle waves, while she wore pastel pink lipstick and lashings of black mascara.

Hollywood veteran Goldie had slipped on a black trouser suit for the event, with a blazer that hung open to reveal a lace-trimmed vest top, and black stiletto boots.

The actress, who cheered up many fans during the pandemic with season two of the Netflix drama series The Christmas Chronicles, has showed few signs of slowing her hectic work schedule of appearances despite being in her late 70s.

She still looked as radiant as ever yesterday, and recently made an equally stunning appearance in a Stuart Weitzman advert with daughter Kate Hudson, who is 42.

Goldie Hawn had been invited to talk at Concordia

The annual event invites the “top movers and shakers of today’s world” to discuss “meaningful partnerships for positive social impact”. 

Goldie Hawn was deep in conversation during the event

Goldie Hawn has been very opinionated about Hollywood politics in recent times and is keen to make a difference in the world.

Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson recently starred together in a Stuart Weitzman TV advert

Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson have always looked more like younger and older sisters than mother and daughter, in spite of their 34-year age gap.

Goldie Hawn with daughter and fellow actress Kate Hudson at a film premiere

This throwback photo from the premiere of The Skeleton Key in London shows youthful Goldie Hawn and her stunning daughter Kate Hudson.

Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson at a Stella McCartney event

More recently, Goldie Hawn attended the Stella McCartney  ‘Get Back’ capsule collection with Kate Hudson, an event which also marked the release of a new documentary about the Beatles and naturally included Stella’s dad Paul.

Goldie Hawn also has a son with Bill Hudson, called Oliver

Goldie Hawn posted this touching photo of the pair together celebrating Oliver’s birthday earlier this month. 

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