‘Going to be difficult’ James Martin shares concerns over local businesses amid Brexit

James Martin addresses criticism he receives about clotted cream

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Chef James Martin, 49, urged consumers to “buy local” produce when he appeared as a guest on the Talkshire podcast last month. He described the situation for farmers as “difficult”.

When asked about Yorkshire’s global recognition for its culinary offerings, James spoke about the “great selection of produce”.

He also predicted things will be “tough” in the future, because of rising food prices amid Brexit.

James said: “Let’s not forget, you’ve got the producers and the producers need all the support they possibly can [get].

“The sheep farmers need all the help they can because [of] all the imports that [are] coming in from New Zealand…

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“So anything you can possibly do to support the produce from this country and from the county and your local produce as well is so vital.

“And no more so than anything else now as we sort of explained that Brexit settlement.”

“It’s going to be quite difficult.”

Predicting that things will be “tough”, the former Saturday Kitchen presenter encouraged listeners to purchase items which are grown or manufactured locally.

“The cost of everything’s going up.

“It’s very difficult.”

During the podcast, James also defended the Yorkshire Shepherdess, saying that Amanda is among the farmers who do what they do because of their passion.

He added: “It’s very difficult. We had the Yorkshire Shepherdess at the house a while back and she was saying, you know, the price of lamb is massively fluctuating all over the place.

“The price of wheat has gone up four times, the feed…

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“So, people are going to have to realise that food will inevitably go up because the cost of ingredients that they feed them goes up.

“But these are people who are doing it from their passion, they are not doing it for the latest Range Rover.

James also said: “People have to realise that food will inevitably go up because the cost of the ingredients that they feed them goes up, but these people are doing it for the passion.

“These people are not doing it for the latest Range Rover.

“These are the people that are doing it, because they’ve done it for generations and generations.”

Brexit refers to the British exit of the European Union.

This was as a result of an in-out referendum, which took place in June 2016.

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