‘God almighty, it’s dreary!’ Jeremy Clarkson unleashes scathing attack on Wimbledon 2021

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Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has weighed in on this year’s incredible summer of sport, dismissing Wimbledon 2021 as “dreary for the viewers”. The star revealed that although he has been enjoying tuning into football and the Euro 2020 tournament, he has been less than impressed with the tennis, Formula One, and the Tour de France.

Jeremy recalled in his latest column that his mum used to become annoyed whenever “television chiefs decided to put the tennis on BBC2” when Wimbledon clashed with a big football match, as “no one’s interested in football”.

Despite his late mother’s disapproval of football, The Grand Tour star shared his belief that she would prefer it to tennis if she was still alive today.

He penned: “However, if she were alive today, I’m not sure she’d be quite so annoyed, because tennis is no longer a titanic battle between athletes at the top of their game. 

“It’s just hour after hour of people wiping their hands on a towel.

“I don’t get it. These guys and girls are at the peak of physical fitness, but after serving one ball, in England, where it’s only ever 13C, they have somehow developed such sweaty palms that they must stroll to the back of the court and stand there for a few moments, wiping the rivers of perspiration away.

“Then, after several minutes of doing this, they amble to a comfy chair at the side of the court, where they chew idly on 4 grams of protein bar before taking a tiny sip of their carefully prepared electrolyte drink. 

“Then it’s back to the hand-wiping, and so on, until one of them falls over and the other is declared the winner.”

Jeremy went on to claim Wimbledon is not an entertaining watch anymore.


He added to the Sunday Times: “This is where we’ve got to with modern elite sport. 

“It’s a bunch of supreme athletes trying absolutely anything they think might give them an edge over their opponent. 

“I don’t blame them, of course. If there were a microscopic chance that, at match point, my racket might slip slightly in my hands, I’d use a towel as well. 

“But, God almighty, it’s dreary for the viewers.”

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Jeremy went on to criticise Formula One, as “a tiny gust of wind at turn four can determine the outcome of a grand prix”.

The outspoken star went on to describe this year’s Tour de France as “just a bunch of grown men riding around on children’s toys”.

Although Jeremy acknowledged that football involves “play-acting and money”, he argued it doesn’t rely on “towels and special drinks” for athletes to improve.

He said of football: “Yes, there’s diving and play-acting and money, but ultimately the only way a team can get better is by being faster and sharper and cleverer than their opponents. 

“Which means the sport is constantly improving.”

Jeremy recently commented on spotting Prince William and his son Prince George enjoying the England vs. Germany Euro 2020 clash.

England beat Germany 2-0 to make it into the quarter-final against Ukraine, which they won 4-0 yesterday.

After seeing the royals in the crowd at Wembley, Jeremy wrote in view of his 7.3 million Twitter followers: “So great to see Prince William celebrating a wonderful England win.”

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