'Get up, dress up and get out' – Instagran Eileen (80) to makes TV debut

An 80-year-old Dublin granny who became an Instagram sensation thanks to her fashion prowess, and now has 50,000 followers, has made the move to TV.

Eileen Smith, who said she only went online to keep in touch with her far-flung family, features on RTE series How To Live Better For Longer.

Eileen revealed how she stayed young by golfing and meeting up with pals.

“It is very important to have friends. In my world it is top of the list,” she said.

The glamorous granny also told how her daughters helped her become a social media style icon.

“I have three daughters who are very into fashion but they live away from Dublin so we used to send photographs to each other whenever we bought something,” said Eileen.

“We would send a photograph and say, ‘What do you think of this?’.”

“My daughters said, ‘Why don’t you go on Instagram?’ I have 50,000 followers now.

“Most of them, I believe, are between 17 and 26 years of age that follow me.

“It does stun me because wherever I go now I could have at least 13 people come over to me and say, ‘I follow you’. I just enjoy doing it. I like style.”

The internet sensation, who uses the tag Eileen style queen, said she never feels any stress to keep at the top of her game.

“I have a little bit of paper beside my bed which is framed and it says ‘get up, dress up and get out’.

“And I look at that on a winter’s day when you would not feel like getting up and getting out and that makes me do it.”

Eileen talks to Dr Eva Orsmond on tonight’s second episode of the TV medic’s RTE series.

Professor Ian Robertson, a neuropsychologist, told Dr Orsmond of the importance of social interaction.

“Chronic stress is not good for ageing. In fact it accelerates it because the body generates cortisol which is toxic to the brain and body in high levels if it’s prolonged,” he said.

“Therefore learning to manage stress is very important.”

How To Live Better For Longer is on RTE One tonight at 9.35pm

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