‘Get out’ star Allison Williams tells ‘The View’ why she loves horror roles

Actress Allison Williams told “The View” she didn’t grow up watching thrillers, but loves working in the genre anyway.

Williams explained it’s “because the characters are so interesting, the themes are so interesting and you can get into subject matter” that may be too sensitive in other genres.

“In the psychological thriller world, there are no rules and that’s so liberating as an actor,” she added.

Williams famously played the duplicitous girlfriend Rose Armitage in “Get Out” and plays Charlotte, a gifted cello player in Netflix’s new thriller “The Perfection.”

She also noted that her roles in both films are deceitful.

“In a way it is what acting is, you’re pretending to be someone, but in this case I love these two characters because they’re both characters who are pretending to be someone as well,” Williams explained.

“It’s like two different performances and they both have to make sense the second time you watch the movie.”

In order to play that kind of role, she said, “it’s a lot of figuring out who someone is at their core, [and] what are the masks they wear every day that allow them to survive?”

“The Perfection” starts streaming on Netflix on Friday, May 24.

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