French woman slams British men as unromantic because they think ‘having a beer’ and ‘going to the supermarket’ qualifies as a date

A FRENCH dating app founder has slammed "unromantic" British men for thinking "having a beer" or "going to the supermarket" qualifies as a date.

In an interview with The Times, Clementine Lalande, 36, said that Brits' "relaxed and practical" approach to dating often stands in the way of romance.

The French dating expert said:  "I do think this is also sometimes a pity to be so down to earth.

"I would love to bring to the British dating scene something that has a bit more magic and a little bit more sparkle and shine to it."

Clementine is the brains behind a new dating app called Pickable which encourages what she calls "slow dating" to get people off their phones and meeting in real life sooner.

However, the French dating expert was inspired to create this unique dating app after hearing her friend's romantic horror stories involving British men.

She said: "My French friends tell me stories all the time about how British guys bring them to date in the supermarket or just to drink beer, or sometimes just to have dinner with a roommate.

"French daters take a little bit more time to make a date unique and romantic."

So instead of messaging for weeks on end before deciding whether to go out for a date, Pickable allows women to sign up to the service without providing their name, location or any photos in an attempt to make them feel more in control of their dating profile.

But before you ask, the app does ask female users to verify their identity to prevent any potential Catfishes.

In contrast, men are asked to create a standard profile you'd see on other dating apps which asks them to provide a profile picture and write a short bio.

It is also when a male user is contacted that he is able to see a photo of the female user and he can then decide whether to chat to her.

Since launching in November 2018, the app now has over one million active users – including 200,000 in the UK.

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