Freddie Starr's daughter says he was 'evil and manipulative'

Freddie Starr’s daughter has spoken out about her father’s abusive and manipulative behaviour towards both her and her mother following his death.

Tara Coleman-Starr, 22, told the Sunday Mirror Starr used to punch her mum in the stomach when she was pregnant, saying: ‘[He] told her he was going to leave her if she didn’t abort me.

‘He didn’t want competition for mum’s affection.’

The young woman, who is now in therapy to deal with the abandonment issues her estranged father left her with, detailed how he would dip in and out of her life.

‘I always thought it was my fault he’d left. I could never understand why he didn’t want me. That’s very tough for a little girl,’ explained Tara of the first time Freddie left his family to marry a shop assistant 27 years his junior.

She then tells of how he reappeared eight years later, apparently apologetic and attempting to be friends: ‘I didn’t know how to feel because I had so many questions and he was happy to see me and he was smiling.

‘He sat me on his lap and said how sorry he was and how much he missed me. But he was only trying to use me to get back together with mum.’

Tara says as soon as he realised her mum wasn’t going to take him back, Freddie became aggressive and called her ‘a nasty little girl’ who had been brought up awfully before driving away. She didn’t see him for another six years.

Once Freddie left his daughter so scared she ended up hiding from him in the bathroom so he didn’t become violent. ‘It was just me and him in the house and he was mad about something,’ Tara remembers.

‘I knew he used to beat mum. I was scared as I knew what he was capable of. So I locked myself in the bathroom.

‘I’ll never forget what he said, “You can run but you can’t hide”. It was so scary. Then he got in his car and left. Those words haunt me.’

Despite the pain Freddie caused her, Tara says she still feels sad about her father’s death.

She also finds it in herself to feel sorry for her father, calling him a ‘product of his environment’: ‘He was abused. That’s why he was so aggressive to women. I think he had something wrong with him.’

Freddie died of a heart attack at his home in Spain, but it’s not confirmed whether his body will be flown back to the UK for a funeral.

Tara doesn’t know whether she’d be able to go to his funeral, saying: ‘It would be a very tough call whether to go.

‘No one wants to believe their dad is an evil, manipulative man. He never gave me a birthday present or Christmas card. He never tried to be a father.

‘I don’t think he’s capable of love. I’m embarrassed to be his daughter.’

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