Frankie Bridge ‘heartbroken’ after son Parker rushed to A&E ‘grasping for air’

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The Saturday’s singer Frankie Bridge, 31, left fans concerned on Thursday morning after she revealed her six-year-old son Parker was rushed to A&E during the night after suffering a croup attack, a condition that affects children’s windpipes, with the most common symptom being a barking cough. The youngster was left “grasping for air” but the worried mum reassured her followers he is now doing well.

Breaks my heart. But he’s absolutely fine now… all just very sleepy

Frankie Bridge

She said the whole ordeal “broke her heart” as she took to Instagram to share the news.

She said: “Was in a&e last night with this little guy… with yet another croup attack.

“Doesn’t matter how many times it happens… to see someone grasping for air is always terrifying.

“Breaks my heart. But he’s absolutely fine now… all just very sleepy…”

Frankie later posted a picture of herself looking exhausted after a long night at the hospital.

“One very tired, emotionally drained mummy,” she wrote.

Parker’s episode comes after the singer, who also shares five-year-old son Carter with husband Wayne Bridge, opened up about her own health struggles in two detailed posts.

She first admitted to her followers that she had been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) after undergoing a multitude of tests.

She had been suffering from various symptoms, including irregular periods and bad skin, which led to her having to have blood tests.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition that can lead to fertility problems.

While there is no cure, there are many medicines available that can help the condition.

And Frankie’s honesty with her 1.2million followers rang true as she later made a post dedicated to World Mental Health Day, where she explained her anxiety had been getting the better of her.

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She also shared some tips that she uses to try and curb the overwhelming feelings.

“My anxiety has been a bit out of control lately,” she wrote in the lengthy post.

“I’ve been avoiding social situations… phone calls… spending most of my time at home in my pjs and generally feeling in a state of panic…

“Even driving causes my chest to tighten… turns out I currently have a fear of not being at home.”

She noted in the inspirational post that talking to people, going on a walk and appreciating what you do in a day all contribute to helping her anxiety subside.

“I will always be open and honest about my mental health and will always try to keep the conversation open,” she concluded, as fans rushed to the comments section to applaud her honesty and branded her an “inspiration” to all for not shying away.

“You’re honesty is so inspiring. Adore you and all you do!” one cheered.

Another added: “Everyone is fighting their own battles and we need to continue to be kind, to listen and to remain non judgemental. Thank you for your honesty. We’ve got this.”

“Thank u for sharing Frankie…. it helps to know others are struggling a bit,”(sic) said a third.

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