Donald Trump will announce his SCOTUS nominee on ‘Friday or Saturday’

I have no idea how many people will be surprised by this, but Donald Trump is now saying that he’ll nominate someone to the Supreme Court by the end of the week. The only thing I was debating was whether or not Trump would even wait until after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s memorial/funeral service, and now it’s looking like he will. He’ll probably make his announcement two seconds after the funeral. He also flat-out mocked Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish, which is that the winner of the 2020 election would choose her successor.

President Trump said on Monday that he would wait until the end of the week to nominate a replacement for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in deference to her funeral services, trimming even further the time available to confirm his selection before the Nov. 3 election as he hopes to do.

“I think it’ll be on Friday or Saturday and we want to pay respect, it looks like we will have probably services on Thursday or Friday, as I understand it, and I think in all due respect we should wait until the services are over for Justice Ginsburg,” Mr. Trump said on “Fox & Friends.”

Even as he talked about respect, Mr. Trump asserted that Justice Ginsburg’s family made up the fact that her final wish, told to her granddaughter and reported by N.P.R., was that she would not be replaced until a new president is installed. “I don’t know that she said that, or was that written out by Adam Schiff or Pelosi?” he said, referring to Representative Adam Schiff and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, both of California. Then adding Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, to his suspect list, he added: “I would be more inclined to the second, O.K. — you know, that came out of the wind. That sounds so beautiful, but that sounds like a Schumer deal, or maybe Pelosi or for Shifty Schiff. So that came out of the wind, let’s say. I mean, maybe she did, and maybe she didn’t.”

Mr. Trump said he was currently considering five people but did not name them. The front-runner is said to be Judge Amy Coney Barrett of the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago, followed by Judge Barbara Lagoa of the 11th Circuit in Atlanta, according to people close to the process. Kate Todd, a deputy White House counsel, was also said to be on the list. Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, has also been promoting Judge Allison Jones Rushing of the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, but at age 38, she is viewed by many aides as too young.

If Mr. Trump announces his choice on Friday, that would leave just 39 days until the election, which would be the quickest confirmation since Sandra Day O’Connor was appointed in 1981. Since 1975, confirmation on average has taken about 70 days.

[From The NY Times]

It’s cute that the Times and other media outlets are acting like it’s any way notable that “traditionally” SCOTUS confirmations take 70 days or so. Donald Trump will probably nominate some 20-something blonde (where’s Tonky Landmine?) and Mitch McConnell will have her confirmed by end of business Monday, September 28. I’m not even going to be outraged at any of this. It was as predictable as Trump’s entire presidency. Everyone who did not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) September 21, 2020

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