Danni Menzies: A Place In The Sun host flooded with 300 ‘offensive’ messages every episode

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A Place In The Sun presenter Danni Menzies has spoken of the often X-rated images that are sent to her. She revealed that she instantly “blocks and deletes” any unsolicited requests.

I literally get about 300 every time the show’s on.

Danni Menzies

The Scottish-born presenter rarely checks her unfiltered social media messages, unless she is surrounded by friends due to the nature of the messages.

Danni, 33, joined the programme alongside Jasmine Harman and Laura Hamilton in 2016 and has since become a fan favourite, filming in exotic locations across the globe.

However, with such fame comes the terrible and often “offensive” requests that leave her feeling “disgusted”.

Each time Danni appears on the Channel 4 show, she says she receives around 300 messages that are of a sexual nature.

After Laura Hamilton announced she had been sent X-rated images, Danni said: “It was one of the first things that happened once I got the job and it was pretty disgusting.

“I considered finding the guy’s mother on Facebook and sending it to her but I didn’t, it would’ve terrified her.”

The former model went on to add: “It’s a funny one that people think they can do stuff like that – and they can be quite offensive.”

Danni went on to say that she has an “inbox of messages” on her Facebook and Instagram account that she only looks through while “having a few drinks”.

She told Entertainment Daily: “I literally get about 300 every time the show’s on.

“They say: ‘Do you have a minute to talk?’ ‘Can I take you out on Friday?’ Just from Jim who’s 65.

“I’m like, ‘Really, really Jim?’ I never reply, definitely not, block and delete.”

However, she revealed that the unpleasant messages do not affect her mental health.

When Danni first joined the exotic programme, she believed she was going to lose her job after being overwhelmed with anxiety.

The blonde beauty saw herself in a Benidorm Accident and Emergency department shortly after filming her first show of the series.

“I was thought they were going to fire me as I was convinced I was the worst presenter of all time,” she recalled.

Speaking of the terrifying moment, she added: “My stomach was tied in knots the whole time, I couldn’t eat and was getting really dizzy.

“I believed there was something seriously wrong with me because my stomach was hurting so much.

“I was getting all sorts of tests run in the evening but actually it was just anxiety then I got a call saying, ‘That was good for your first show’ and was invited back.”

Despite her struggles, Danni hoped to hide her anxiety from producers on the show but eventually told them during a “long chat”.

“Sometimes when you talk about a problem you let it grow for me, if everyone started talking about it and pandering to it then it would just let me get worse,” she said.

The Loughborough University alumni continued: “So I was quite happy to keep it to myself.

“However, when I went out to lunch with the bosses we had a long chat and I ended up sharing it with them and they were really supportive.

“Ever since I told them, they have always checked in on me and have been extremely supportive. On that front they’ve been amazing since they’ve known.”

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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