Crazy Catfight Erupts At Blue Jays Baseball Game

Baseball is known as ‘America’s National Pastime’ … but in Canada it looks more like a rerun of the Jerry Springer show.

Check out this video, obtained by TMZ, showing 2 women getting into a free-for-all with others in the nosebleed section of Rogers Centre in Toronto last night.

As the L.A. Angels were routing the Blue Jays 12-0, the women started going at it after they got into some sort of nasty argument. Over what? We don’t know.

But our sources tell us one of the women, who was sitting in her seat watching the game, had her hair pulled by the other woman from behind.

That’s when everybody went all Springer — and fists started to fly!! One guy planted his fist in the face of the woman who had her hair pulled. Onlookers were astonished, yelling, “Oh s—t” and “Wow!!”

Other people jumped in and yanked the women off each other … the hair-puller then screamed as she dashed down a flight of stairs.

We’re told her rival went after her and the two got into it again inside a tunnel at the stadium.

We’re not sure what happened after that … but we’ve called police … so far no word back. Fingers crossed that no one got hurt too badly.

Gotta love those Canadians, though. They really know how to fight.

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