Comedian Freddie Starr’s body flown back to England by kind stranger

Fans of the British funnyman were devastated to hear that he had passed away earlier this month. 

Freddie Starr died in his Spanish home on May 9 after suffering from a heart attack. 

A carer discovered the 76-year-old’s body in his apartment in the Costa Del Sol. 

Now, funeral arrangements are in the works as the comedian’s body has reportedly been flown back to England. 

There had been concerns over whether the comic would be buried in Spain, as a result of the expense of shipping a body overseas. 

Luckily, funeral director Michael Fogg stepped in and took it upon himself to make the funeral arrangements for the Huyton-born comic. 

Sheffield-man Michael has been a long-time fan of the comedy-star, and felt he should be laid to rest “with the people he loved and back with his family”.

In an interview with the Liverpool Echo, he explained: “Anyone that can make a funeral director laugh must be a bloody good comedian. And Freddie Starr could make me laugh.

“For those asking why I am paying, well it is my money, it is my business and that is what I want to spend my money on.”

He added: “Freddie Starr was much loved by the people in this country and he deserves a proper send off.

“This won’t be a small funeral.”

Freddie’s official Facebook page, which is currently run by his management team, released a statement about the pending funeral proceedings. 

It read: “Freddie Starr is to be buried by his beloved mum in Liverpool.

Before adding: ”He will be laid to rest alongside Hilda at the family plot in the city’s Huyton area.”

The comic rose to fame in the 70s after performing on the Royal Variety Show and Opportunity Knocks. 

Many know him for the sensational 1986 headline in The Sun newspaper, Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster. 

He later discredited the article’s claims, revealing that he had “never eaten or even nibbled a live hamster”.

The details of his funeral arrangements have yet to be announced. 

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