Clever TikToker stars have found eight creative ways to implement Trader Joe’s Ube spread – their recipes are delicious | The Sun

TRADER Joe's fans are going wild over its delicious Ube Spread that has TikToker stars experimenting with new recipes.

The grocery store chain released a spread made out of a purple yam grown in the Philippines called ube – and people are putting it on everything.

Trader Joe's has been creating ube products for a while now, but this spread really changed the game.

The new product "boasts ube purée as its first ingredient, which means it goes big on the distinct, creaveable, coconut-meets-pistachio Ube flavor," according to the Trader Joe's website.

While the cult-favorite grocery chain suggested spooning it over hand pies, TikTokers have pushed the limits with how this unique product can be used.

One user created a quick and easy dessert by adding the spread to store-bought croissant dough before throwing it in the oven.

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TikToker @socialsami dressed the pastries with butter and some spices and said they were "so yumm."

Another TikToker who goes by AmberAlexa made ube mochi and said it was "AMAZING."

She laid the spread on the bottom before adding a bit of cream and wrapping the chewy rice paste all around it.

According to user @eatswithevad, you can also add the spread to a matcha latte for a delicious and sweet twist on the classic drink.

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Just combine the spread with your milk of choice and stir it around with a frother.

Then, add your matcha that's been dissolved in water and enjoy.

You can also add ube spread to your morning coffee.

User @josephineung posted a video where she spread the new product on the sides of a glass before pouring in iced coffee.

Then, she added some creamer and topped the delicious drink with frothed milk that was infused with ube flavor.

To go with your unique morning beverage, you can also make pancakes and toast.


For toast, you can just slather it on a piece of bread and call it a day, but you can also add sweet or savory topping.

User Vanilla Bean added some berries and honey over the spread while others have gone for a savory option like goat cheese.

Finally, @eastbyrachel made delicious and beautiful danishes that she infused with the new ube spread.

After making a cream cheese filling, she rolled out some store-bought puff pastry.

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She cut the pastry into squares before filling it with cream cheese and a spoonful of ube goodness.

The result was a beautiful, flaky dessert that would be perfect for any sweet tooth looking for a switch.

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