Chuck Liddell Pissed After Being Used In Apparent Homophobic Prank

Chuck Liddell now realizes the video he made to congratulate a man for coming out of the closet after 40 years was most likely a homophobic prank … and the UFC legend is really upset about it. 

Here’s the backstory … Chuck is one of the celebrities who works with Cameo, a company where people can pay celebs to make custom video messages for fans. 

Someone named L-Dogg asked Chuck to make a video congratulating “Timmy” for going public with his sexuality … and Chuck, believing it was a legitimate request, obliged. 

The original video features Chuck delivering a heartfelt message to Timmy — and saying he wishes Timmy would have been able to come out earlier in life. 

But, now it seems pretty obvious L-Dogg was just using Chuck as part of a homophobic joke. 

“If this is someone messing with somebody, that’s messed up,” Liddell told us at LAX. 

“I assumed it was a guy who was actually coming out after 40 years.”

Bottom line … Chuck says he doesn’t want to be used to make jokes in bad taste.

But, hey, if it wasn’t a joke and L-Dogg was being sincere … CONGRATS TO TIMMY!!!

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