Chloe Ferry hits back at body shaming trolls and begs them to stop messaging her

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Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry has been forced to hit back at online trolls who have been sending her cruel messages on social media claiming that she is far too skinny.

The 27 year old star, who became a household name in 2015 after joining the cast of Geordie Shore, wrote a lengthy post begging those who have been leaving cruel messages about her weight loss, to stop following her as she feels she is a "healthy weight."

Taking to Instagram, the Newcastle born star, who has undergone a number of plastic surgery proceedures in the past to sculpt her figure, wrote: "Recently, I have been getting a lot of messages from people being concerned about my weight saying I'm too skinny. But when I had more weight on, people were saying I look too fat. I have been brutally tarnished my whole life being on TV for my weight to the point, I physically can't win!"

She added: "Right now I'm at a healthy weight and I like the way I look, I love who I am! I'm confident in the woman I am!"

Chloe claims that online abuse has resulted in the decline of her mental health but has bravely tried to overcome this and has now realised that she does not care what people think about her appearance.

This comes on the back of posts that have claimed she was a bad example to vulnerable girls who could be trying to emulate the star's petite frame.

One fan, who raised a concern about Chloe's recent picture of her looking thin, wrote: "U need to stop posting these. Do you know how hard it is for girls with eating disorders to look at these. Please stop! Being skinny is not cool."

Another penned: "Nothing natural about you anymore."

In response to the negative comments, Chloe added: "Please. Unfollow me and stop sending negative messages and awful comments."

She continued: "But let me set the record straight. I am a perfectly healthy weight! To all those individuals who feel the need to send me negative messages and leave awful comments, here's a friendly suggestion, unfollow me."

She added: "Seriously, if my appearance doesn't meet your standards, there's no need to stick around and spread negativity. Let's all focus on promoting body positivity and embracing our unique selves instead!"

But this is not the first time Chloe has been forced to address abuse she has received online.

Back in March, Chloe posted a picture of herself in a brown cut out catsuit that showed off her trim figure. And some of her followers decided to launch a tirade of abuse regarding how skinny she looked, as they felt her ribs were protruding.

But the reality TV star did not have to hit back as her fans did it for her instead.

One wrote: "It's so sad to see only women body-shaming Chloe. Imagine her checking these comments and seeing how many trolls there are… cant be good for anyone's mental health. It's her life, let her be happy!! Let's appreciate her beaut and funny self."

And another said: "Just stunning, ignore the doubters."

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