Chadwick Boseman Won a Posthumous “Hero” Award

Chadwick Boseman posthumously received the Hero for the Ages award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards last night. The late Black Panther star, who died in August after privately battling colon cancer, lived up to the title.

Don Cheadle and Robert Downey Jr., who costarred with Boseman in Avengers films, paid tribute to the actor during last night’s ceremony.

“Each time he stepped on the set, he inspired and influenced everyone there,” Cheadle said in his speech. “And with every role, he created a new legion of fans. He had an incredible power to unify people and their love for his work and their respect for him as a person. The way he lived his life united people behind a higher purpose, and that will be his legacy.”

Downey added, “He wasn’t just a hero on-screen. His list of selfless and inspirational acts and deeds is too long to recount here, consistently showing up during trial and triumph for family, friends, and fans alike, some of whom were battling the same invisible enemy. He was the most heroic when just being Chad. That’s when he was bigger than anyone he played on-screen.”

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