Celine Dion Brags About Kissing Katy Perry on the Lips at Met Gala After-Party

The ‘That’s the Way It Is’ songtress looked quite enamored with the ‘Firework’ singer’s hamburger costume as they bumped into each other at the Boom Boom Room after-party.

AceShowbizCeline Dion clearly had a good time at the 2019 Met Gala last night, but one particular moment left a lingering impression on her. The Canadian singer met Katy Perry at the Boom Boom Room afterparty in New York on Monday night, May 6.

Making her way through The Standard, High Line hotel, she bumped into the “Dark Horse” songstress outside the venue. Katy stopped by to greet the veteran singer, who seemed to admire the “Firework” hitmaker’s hamburger costume.

Katy then puckered up her lips, which Celine responded to by leaning in and kissing Katy on the lips. The moment was caught by photographers at the hotel and the “Because You Loved Me” singer posted the picture on her Instagram page. Bragging about their passionate encounter, Celine captioned the photo, “I kissed a burger and I liked it #MetGala #AfterParty⁣.”

While she showed some love for Katy, Celine seemed to be enamored with the 34-year-old pop star’s unique dress. She couldn’t get her eyes off Katy’s burger costume and got a handful of it, before shaking it a bit during their brief conversation. She jokingly said that she wanted “this burger,” prompting Katy to give a bewildered look before revealing the truth that it’s magnets.

Katy, who earlier that night arrived at the Met Gala in a chandelier dress, appeared to have a trouble keeping her balance in the hamburger dress. She was caught in a video falling flat on the floor while dancing enthusiastically with fellow partygoers at Gucci’s after-party.

She lay there motionless for a while as she couldn’t get back on her feet on her own and needed help. Two partygoers then came to her aid, helping her back to her feet before Katy wobbled away.

It wasn’t the only embarrassing moment that Katy had that night. The “California Gurls” hitmaker was caught without her buns while taking a bathroom break. Showing her lettuce dress underneath the burger costume, Katy was typing something on the phone before someone who took the video said, “We gotta go.” As Katy was struggling to get into her buns, Jennifer Lopez walked into the restroom and ran into her.

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