Caroline Schwitzky Attempted Murder: What the Police Report Says About 90 Day Fiance Alums Attack

On Sunday, April 24, a 90 Day Fiance alum narrowly avoided an attempted murder. Her boyfriend of one year was arrested.

Caroline Schwitzky appeared on multiple episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? during Russ and Paola Mayfield’s storyline.

Eyewitnesses described seeing Cole Goldberg restrain Caroline, pursuing her when she dove off of the boat to swim for safety, and nearly drown her.

Now, with a closer look at the police report, we can furnish further details of this harrowing ordeal.

Starcasm got a direct look at documents put together by authorities after Caroline Schwitzky was attacked in front of witnesses.

It all went down on a boat on Lake Boca during an event called “Boca Bash.”

Eyewitnesses saw Caroline struggle to get away from him, dive and swim for safety, only for him to pursue and allegedly choke and attempt to drown her.

“[Cole] became more aggressive and [Caroline] began punching his arms to get him to let go,” one witness described to the Florida Fish and Wildlife officer.

After catching up with her in the water, “the man grabbed her by the throat with both hands attempting to strangle her.”

“And,” the summary of the eyewitness account continues, “was holding her under the water in a complete rage.”

Two people jumped into the water from another boat, swimming to intervene.

They managed to get Caroline away from Cole, bringing her back onto their boat.

“We called 911 as he was hanging on to our boat,” one witness described.

The officer noted: “Caroline had bruises on her leg and arm.”

The report continued: “Goldberg had bruises on both his knees and scratches.”

The officer added: “Goldberg was placed under arrest and transported to the Palm Beach County Jail.”

Cole was of course charged with felony attempted murder and with misdemeanor battery.

He was booked in the wee hours of Monday morning.

He managed to place $60,000 for release on bond within less than a day, and has an upcoming court hearing on May 26.

More of the report included even further witness details.

“We were yelling to him but he seemed unresponsive and kept holding her under,” one witness told the officer of the attempted drowning.

“My husband and sister in law jumped in to pull her up,” the witness shared, “and we tried to keep him away from our boat.”

“His friends also witnessed this and would not let him back on the boat, they then drove away and let him in the water,” the witness detailed.

Another witnessed shared further details.

Caroline had actually asked for a flotation device from a nearby boat before being approached from behind for the nearly fatal attack.

“Then a young man came up from behind her and grabbed her by the neck and pushed her underwater he held her under water,” the witness recalled.

“And [REDACTED] pulled her away from him,” the report continued. “I grabbed the boat hook and told him I would strike him with the pole.”

The report went on: “She got onto the boat and his friends picked him up then … minutes later he tried to swim to get on our boat, we called the police.”

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