Camel Beauty Pageant Crackdown, 40 Contestants Busted for Botox in Saudi Arabia

Talk about busting humps … 40 camels — that apparently think they’re straight outta Bev Hills — are now booted from a Saudi Arabian beauty pageant for getting Botox, facelifts and more!!!

Yep, Saudi authorities are cracking down on dozens of camels they’ve deemed too cute to be real for an annual competition over there. The judges are now using “specialized and advanced” technology to see which contestants went under the knife to gain an edge over the others.

Far as we’ve heard, none of the humped hopefuls are guilty of getting BBLs, but some are guilty of just about everything else — getting all sorts of fillers, nips and tucks to facial features and ears … and even hormone treatments.

The monthlong festival kicked off earlier this month with breeders parading their most beautiful camels. So, why would they cheat? Well, the winner gets $66 mil in cash!!!

Camels are judged by their head shape, dress, posture and size of their lips, cheeks, knees — and yes, their lovely lady humps. And, cosmetic altercations are strictly prohibited.

As you know … camels are a staple in Saudi Arabia, and breeding them is a multibillion-dollar industry.

Good luck to all (clean) camels left in the competition!!!

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