Call The Midwifes Helen George left beau Jack Ashton ‘furious’ over move during pregnancy

Call the Midwife: Helen George recalls early days on the show

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Helen George, 37, who gave birth to a baby boy named Lark in November, shared a rare insight into her relationship with former Call The Midwife co-star Jack Ashton in a new interview, as she opened up on why it was vital for her to carry on working despite her growing baby bump. 

The Call The Midwife star, who plays Trixie Franklin on the BBC One show, gushed: “I was quite adamant to carry on working through my pregnancy, which was absolutely fine.”

Jack gets furious with me because I can’t keep still

Helen George

When asked if she was able to find some quality time to relax at all, the actress quipped: “Not really. Jack gets furious with me because I can’t keep still. 

“He will literally just order me to lie down. I’m not very good at it.”

Further on in the interview with The Mirror, the Birmingham native said there’s too much “prejudice” in the TV and film industry concerning women who work while pregnant.

She noted that while it’s not particularly easy to remain in character while expecting, Helen doesn’t believe there should be a reason a pregnant woman should not be allowed to work if she’s happy to continue until she’s given birth.

After all, there are plenty of ways to shoot around the bump if need be.

“I was quite adamant to carry on working through my pregnancy, which was absolutely fine,” she added.

“I think sometimes there is a prejudice that pregnant women shouldn’t work, especially in our industry. It was important to me to carry on.”

The Three Musketeers actress continued: “It’s not always easy for women to stay working when they’re pregnant. 

“I think women have it hard in every profession, especially acting. 

“I’m quite passionate about advocating that we’re fine [to work] and the team can shoot around you. There’s no reason that shouldn’t happen.”

The 11th series of Call The Midwife wrapped production back in September, which gave Helen enough time to prepare for the birth of her newborn.

Helen and Jack welcomed their firstborn, daughter Wren Ivy, in 2017, via C-section after the blonde beauty had heard a string of “horror stories about birth”, prompting her to avoid a natural delivery by all means.

Not only was it safer to have a C-section since Wren had to be delivered early, but it also assured the mother of two she wouldn’t have to endure some of the unpleasant experiences she’d come across ahead of her hospital admission.

“I chose to have a C-section,” she told Radio Times.

“It coincided with the fact that I had to deliver her early, but even without that, I would have gone for an elective caesarean because of what I’d learnt on Call the Midwife.

“Working on Call the Midwife means that lots of people tell you their horror stories about birth.

“I’m not against natural birth, I’m pro whatever you feel is right for you. Some people may not understand why I elected to have a C-section, but it was right for me at the time.”

It’s unknown whether Helen opted for another C-section when she welcomed her daughter last month.

The 11th season will commence on BBC One on Sunday 2nd January 2022.

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